LFI Summer of Learning Introduction

One of the amazing things about Resilience Engineering is that sharing is a core function. We're in this together. Our systems interact and communicate in complex and dynamic ways. In the best environments, adaptive environments, we're able to withstand anomalies and degradation of functionality because they can gracefully extend through shared efforts. We learn together, we succeed together.

The Learning From Incidents community has been doing this since 2019. We've been fortunate to have caring and communicative members who have brought their stories so that we can learn together and to ask tough questions, digging deeper for knowledge rather than settle for shallow answers. In that time, we've given conference talks and written papers, we've had collaborative read throughs of books and explored new ways to examine our systems. We've also shared our failures, knowing they are not shameful events to be swept under the rug but fantastic opportunities to reshape our mental models.

Over the summer months, we'll be sharing these stories of incidents, experiments, lessons learned, successes and failures directly from our community members, and insights we're looking to extend to the tech community at large. We know that the shared boundaries don't end with each of us - our connections are themselves dynamic, intertwined, and yes, complex. These are hard topics that our members aren't shying away from, instead tackling them head on. We can grow together.

We look forward to continuing these learnings and extending these conversations. Look for our first post this afternoon and continuing every Monday through the summer.