We love incidents.

Well, love is a strong word. But, incidents don't have to be a terrible experience. The community we started has spent a lot of time understanding just how much value you can get out of incidents, and how they can be used as a way to disseminate expertise throughout the organization.

We are here to reshape how the software industry thinks about incidents, software reliability, and the critical role people play in keeping their systems running. If this community is successful, people will be doing and thinking about incident analysis in completely different ways than they were doing it before — as a valuable lens into not only where incidents come from, but what normally prevents them, what people do (and don’t) learn from them, and what makes incidents matter long after the dust has settled.

We’re here to challenge the conventional views and we’ll be bringing research to back us up.

A couple hundred of us have been working together to bring this thinking into the industry, since February 2019. This is where we write about our stories and learnings from understanding the field of incident analysis and what it can bring to the software industry.

Learn more in our introduction post.


Nora Jones
John Allspaw
Richard Cook
Jessica DeVita
Will Gallego
Lorin Hochstein
Ryan Kitchens
Laura Maguire

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